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Friends of Northcliffe Privacy Notice
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The council is looking for sites for two new crematoria and one of the five sites they have listed is Northcliffe Park. Any such development will change Northcliffe for ever and not for the better. There is very little information on the councils website and as we get to know anything more we will post it here on the website.

If you wish to object
Write to the leader of the council Susan Hinchcliffe to object. or send to City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY.
Write to the Chief Executive, Kersten England at or send to City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY.
Write / talk to your ward councillors, Martin Love, Kevin Warnes, Vick Jenkins.
There is an on-line petition
Spread the word and ask others to object
As the land is held in Charitable trust by the council you can complain to the person named on the Charity commission web site Mick Priestly or write to him at City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY.

Please take action to keep Northcliffe for the people of Shipley to enjoy in the future
In relation to the proposal for the crematorium on Northcliffe, there is one really helpful thing you could do as members.  The land is held in a Charitable trust by Bradford MDC, so I have written to complain to the contact listed on the Charities Commission website.  You may wish to do the same.

Example complaint letter to Norman Rae (Or Northcliffe) Playing Fields Charity


Charity entry can be found at


Send letters of complaint to



Mr Priestley,


I am writing to you as the named contact for the "Norman Rae (Or Northcliffe) Playing Fields" Charity number 515034.


I wish to complain that the Charity is not acting in accordance with its Charitable Objectives as outlined in the Charities Commission registration.  In considering the use of the Norman Rae Playing Fields for purposes other than those outlined in the objectives, i.e. as a proposed site for a crematorium, Bradford MDC as Trustee is not acting in accordance with the stated aim.  In approaching the Charities Commission for permission to repurpose the land in direct contravention of the stated charitable aim, Bradford MDC is also not properly discharging its duty as a responsible Trustee.


Of course, should the Council choose to reconsider its decision to propose Northcliffe as a potential site for a crematorium, then I will consider the complaint dealt with.


Many thanks,


There are no events planned for july and August 2018


Conservation events  July 2018

Tuesday 17th July mid week conservation session; 10 am at the club house and 12.30 at NEETs coffee shop. Himalayan Balsam pulling and other woodland management. Leader is Val

Wednesday 25th July 10- 12 meet at the bench by the golf course, top of the steps, at the top of the park. Himalayan Balsam pulling.  Leader is John

Please wear good shoes/ boots, gloves will be provided.

Heritage Project

Public meeting

3rd November 2018 From 1.30pm at Northcliffe Church (Holroyd)

Final report.

Planning Meetings

No meeting  August 2018

Members and prospective members are welcome at all the meetings

Dog Fouling

It is easy to forget the important reason for binning dog faeces and not leaving

it on the ground or returning it to the environment neatly bagged. 

Toxocaracanis (roundworm).

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Video of Northcliffe

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