Friends of Northcliffe Community Consultation
Wanted – your ideas on Northcliffe Park - please respond to questionnaire below.

Northcliffe consists of 2 semi ancient woodlands, Northcliffe Woods and Old Spring Wood, a large meadow between them which is classed as a local nature reserve, and then the areas covered by the allotment, football and cricket pitches, tennis courts, bowling greens, formal flower beds and the bottom fields.

The whole place is run by Bradford Council; their woodlands officers deal with the woods and the Parks department deal with the park and meadow area.

Friends of Northcliffe exists to ensure that the place remains for the public and actively works to get more people to use the space through organising events, walks, heritage projects and other activities. There is an active conservation group that works to the Council's woodland management plans; removing invasive species, keeping paths clear and some replacement tree planting.

There is no management or development plan for the park area and there hasn’t been since Bradford Council took it over from Shipley Town Council in 1974 and incorporated it into its parks department who still maintain it. The current layout and facilities is a mix of the plans drawn up in the 1920’s when it first became a park after Norman Rae donated the land to Shipley Town Council and then how it changed with the second world war and what was re-established after the war ended.

As its 100 years since Northcliffe opened as a park we think we need to create a new plan for the next decades.

If you would like to add your voice we would like to hear your thoughts on any or all of the questions below. The closing date is Monday 16th November. We will then come back in the New Year with all the ideas put forward and you can have a say in what you think to them.
1. Why do you come to Northcliffe? What would make you come more often and/ or what would make it a better experience for you?
2. Do you use any of the existing sports facilities? If so which ones and what improvements would you like to see to them?
3. Are there any new facilities that you would like to see in the park?
4. What ideas do you have for increasing the biodiversity in the park to make it attractive to wildlife, or birds, bees, butterflies, flowers, animals as well as a more interesting place for people?
5. What would like to see happen to the big green space – between the play areas, the cricket pitch, the bottom allotments and the tarmac path that run across the bottom of the park?
6. Are you interested in the history and heritage of the area? If so how should this be celebrated?
7. Do you think local people should have a more formal role in looking after Northcliffe? Do you have any ideas about creating a partnership body that could apply for funding and work with the council to improve the park area? Who should be involved?
8. What else would you like to tell us?
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